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The Powerfully Simple way to run your automotive detailing, tinting, coating & wrapping business.

Save 1-hr per appointment by streamlining:

  • Appointment Booking
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Invoicing / Payment Processing

  • Customer Appointment Reminders
  • Employee Communications
  • Customer Appointment Follow-Ups

Create more time for you and your employees!

Checkout how easy it is to book an appointment on any device!

3rd Party Integrations

Get Paid Faster

Auto Service Pro enables customers to pay (and tip) as soon as their appointment is complete.

Most Auto Service Pro users have their appointments paid before the customer picks up their vehicle.

Up-to-date Financials

Auto Service Pro generates your Quickbooks Invoices and updates their payment status as soon as the appointment is paid. Auto Service Pro also gives you access to your Quickbooks' Contacts.

Service History Submission

Auto Service Pro submits your services rendered information to CARFAX, just like dealerships & mechanics, adding value to the services you provide.

This is a great way to market ceramic coatings & other semi-permanent services.


Pre-Appointment Reminders

No-shows are a real problem that affects your bottom line! Auto Service Pro users typically see a significant reduction in no-shows!

* Unlimited Text message & email notifications

Post-Appointment Follow-Ups

Auto Service Pro automatically follows-up with customers after their appointment, increasing positive business reviews, referrals and converting first-time customers to lifetime customers.

* Unlimited Text message & email notifications

Lead Capture & Management

Capture Leads from your website, social media or mobile phone then manage them from initial contact through scheduling the appointment!

Customer Relationship Management

Auto Service Pro's powerful CRM system seamlessly integrates with every aspect of the platform; building powerful relational information that can be used for marketing, customer service & operations.

Appointment Scheduling

Whether it's a new customer or existing, it's quick and easy to book a new Appointment using our powerful Calendar and step-by-step forms.

Appointment Progress Tracking

Auto Service Pro makes it easy for employees & management to stay up-to-date with appointment progress.

Payment Processing

Connect Square to Auto Service Pro and your customers can pay for their appointments before they pick up their vehicle! If Quickbooks is connected, the related invoices is automatically updated.

Appointment Tips

Auto Service Pro makes it easy for customers to leave a tip when paying for their appointment.

Time Tracking

The amount of time spent on an appointment determines profitability. ASP enables you to seamlessly track all of your employees' time.

Invoicing & Accounting

Connect Quickbooks Online and Auto Service Pro will automatically synchronize your Invoices, update payment status when customers pay & gives access to your existing customer list. You can even print your Invoices from Auto Service Pro!

Adaptable Calendar

Color-code your appointments by type (detailing, tinting, coatings, etc), view appointment information AND even add non-appointment events, so no meeting or employee vacation is missed. The ASP Calendar looks just as good on mobile phone as it does on a tablet & computer.

Automated Reporting

Capturing your business data is just the start. Auto Service Pro automates reporting by delivering reports to your inbox without any extra effort on your part. Do you know your weekly sales? How about your hourly rate or profitability? You will when you join Auto Service Pro!

White Label

Upload your logo and select your business's color scheme to make Auto Service Pro look like it was made just for you, because it was!

Waiver Signatures

Do you require customers to sign a waiver prior to their service? If not, you should! Auto Service Pro automates the digital signature process and stores each signature w/ appointment's vehicle.

Unlimited Locations

No matter if you have a single shop / mobile unit or 3 shops located in different states, Auto Service Pro can handle it!

Sales Tax Tracking

Need to track sales tax? No problem!

Customer Support

Auto Service Pro's support staff is here to help you! Whether it's how to use the Auto Service Pro platform or how to increase sales, our staff is here for you. Furthermore, our best updates come from our users' requests.


Are you a veteran or active duty? You're eligible for our military discount!

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  • 24 / 7 Customer Support
  • Much, much more!

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